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We love partnering with nonprofits! FreshPhone provides helpful, friendly support so you can stay mission focused and solve the world’s problems. Phones and communication are a huge part of your daily operations and success. Our nonprofit program is designed to give you the tools to be successful, avoid downtime, and stay focused on what’s important. Nonprofits that enroll in the FreshPhone for Nonprofits program commit to a service agreement and receive an upfront donation.

At FreshPhone, we take your mission seriously. We prioritize personal connections and client care because we believe it facilitates authentic interactions. We are believers in life change and see communication as the bedrock of relationships.

To facilitate authentic interactions between you and your community, we architect your communication solution. This means you don’t need to be an expert in phone system administration and architecture. Not only from the start, but forever. At FreshPhone, you tell us what you want to accomplish rather than trying to figure out how to wrangle the features to do what you want.

Our vision is Leading Communication. We do this each day by being a company that actually pays attention to the core of communication—people!

Holland Rescue Mission

You don’t need a credit card for the sign-up process.

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