Transform your conversations. Our consultative process unlocks the power of our communication platform. We are your partner every step of the way. Take the first step and discover the power of your voice. Our cloud-based phone and texting platforms provide the flexibility and reliability your business needs to succeed.

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Build Relationships

Make every customer feel like your only customer. When they call or text, answer with the insight only a real person can provide. Strengthen your relationships by using the unique system Freshphone creates for you.

Unlock Your Potential

Our consultants have dedicated years to mastering communication structures. We combine communication consulting with end-to-end implementation to level up your customer conversations and improve your business.

Communicate Smarter

Make a great impression on every interaction. We create your personalized communication plan so that you can delight your customers. Start every conversation by being prepared.

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Freshphone takes a consultative approach

What Is Your Communication Strategy?

Freshphone takes a consultative approach to phone service. Communication is more than a technical problem to solve, so you need more than a technical partner to excel. We combine our approach with end-to-end implementation, so you can focus on advancing your goals and leave the details to us.

What is Miscommunication Costing You?

Poor communication costs companies millions of dollars every year. What is it costing you? To exceed your clients’ expectations you need to strategically align your communication platform with your business objectives. We help businesses easily connect with customers through a personalized communication plan.


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Poor communication costs companies
Denise DeVries

Their service and attention to detail is outstanding. Their team is great to work with and very responsive.

Never yell "Representative!" again
Kelsey Hurlburt

Freshphone took care of everything and is easily available. It was so easy to transition and it's been really easy to maintain.

Upgrading Is Easy With A Partner

Never yell “Representative!” again. At Freshphone, we walk with you through every step. You start with one of our consultants who helps architect your system to improve your business. Once the plan is in place, our team implements your solution end-to-end. As you use the system and continue to grow, you enjoy our one-of-a-kind support by having a personal representative that takes care of your needs and helps you adjust to your changing business.

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Affordable Strategic Communication

Other providers make it difficult to understand your total cost. Let us help you get an apples-to-apples comparison of your total cost of ownership. Submit your bill or quote to get a free cost comparison. Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

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Yes! We will port any numbers you own. You can choose to add even more numbers to unlock more potential. Additional local numbers are only $2 per month.

Yes! You have unlimited calling–both local and long-distance. Calling is governed by our acceptable use policy, which provides unlimited calling in normal use cases.

Yes! Using our free app, you can send and receive texts from any of your local phone numbers. This is a great option to add convenience for your customers for only $20 per phone number per month.

Yes! We support sending and receiving faxes through email (eFax) or your physical fax machine (with paper). Choose whichever option is most effective for your business. Each fax line can be added for the cost of an extension.

Unlimited! All of your team can make and answer calls at the same time. Your customers will never hear a busy line or be sent to a voicemail because too many people were on the phone. When people call, they want to talk to a real person. We help your business answer that call.

Yes! These are great for marketing purposes or companies with a national presence. They make your business look more professional and build trust. Toll-Free numbers are affordable at $5 each and $0.025 per minute.

Yes! Your team can stay connected no matter where you are. If you have multiple locations and haven’t had a communication review, we can guarantee you are paying too much and missing key opportunities.

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