Cloud Phone Features

All features are included with your cloud phone service.

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Allow everyone to make calls at the same time without busy signals.

Users can take their desk phone home and plug it into their home Internet, or choose a Wifi-enabled phone.

Download the iOS or Android app for free and use a FreshPhone QR Code to automatically set it up.

Our proprietary cloud phone provisioning allows us to make changes remotely to manage your phones and devices.

We will build your auto attendant for you! Create a professional experience for your callers and route them to any part of your phone system through an interactive recording.

FreshPhone will deliver your voicemail to your email as an MP3 file, including a text transcription of the message.

You can forward calls to other extensions or cell phone numbers. This is helpful when you’re out of the office or as part of a call routing strategy.

Your architect will help you design time conditions so you can control your call flow. This can be related to business hours, holidays, special events, and more!

We will port your current number(s) to FreshPhone when you switch! Our team handles this process for you.

Your FreshPhone service includes a free local phone number.

You may add Toll Free numbers to your service to allow customers to call you free of charge to them. Usage charges apply.

Share the responsibility of answering calls by ringing several phones at one time.

FreshPhone will port your current phone numbers for you when you switch. There are no extra charges for number porting. We handle all the details for you!

You may call other phones on your FreshPhone service by simply dialing their extension number, even if they are in another city or state!

A user can send a current call to another extension or phone number without first speaking to the recipient. This feature is also called an unannounced transfer, simple transfer, or immediate transfer.

A user can send a current call to another extension or phone number after talking with the intended recipient. When this occurs, the caller will be placed on a temporary hold, allowing you to decide exactly how and where to transfer them. This is also called an announced transfer, warm transfer, or supervised transfer.

FreshPhone provides standard hold music, but you may also provide your own music or consult with our team to find other options for your callers. A great way to use this feature is to play a professionally recorded marketing message!

A Managed Cloud PBX is the modern alternative to costly on-site equipment. Cloud PBX systems are multi-location friendly and provide high-availability for your callers.

When you purchase phones from FreshPhone, the devices are cloud provisioned. When you plug them into the Internet, they download their individual settings so you can make calls no matter where you take your phone.

FreshPhone manages your service and the devices you purchase from the FreshPhone store! We handle warranty returns, device management, cloud provisioning, and much more!

Use your existing phone number or setup a new phone number for conference calls! No need to pay for a different service or use a free service that declares their company name before the call.

The team at FreshPhone will help you architect your phone system to meet your needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all company! Our mission is to support your unique mission and value statements.

FreshPhone’s contract terms are month-to-month. Our goal is to earn your business every single month! Our competitors’ contracts are designed to lock customers into long-term contracts with hidden auto-renew clauses and unfair cancellation fees. Work with FreshPhone for a unique perspective!

FreshPhone phone calls are crystal clear! Our team is also able to offer best-practice guidance on network Quality of Service (QOS) settings and/or review your connection speed to address opportunities.

Many of the devices we sell are bluetooth compatible. You may often use existing devices or purchase bluetooth headsets to pair with your desk phones.

You may call our office toll-free to ask questions and get support. Our team is available to address your questions and submit tickets for you to track any open changes or opportunities.

You may email your questions and comments to or submit a ticket using our website.

It’s true! FreshPhone will manage your devices, extensions, and phone names for you! Just call or submit a ticket, and we’ll handle these changes without any extra charges. Our goal is to help you reach your mission!

Choose how to handle incoming calls when a line is already in use.

Choose to always forward incoming calls to a different number, such as a cell phone number.

Choose to always forward incoming calls to a different extension on your FreshPhone system.

Treat calls differently depending on the caller ID or inbound display prefix. For example, if you operate two businesses in a single office, you can display a prefix on all incoming calls so you know how to best answer the phone!

You may block incoming or outgoing numbers. Tired of a certain spammer calling you? Take back control and block them forever!

The desk phones sold by FreshPhone have the ability to prevent incoming calls from ringing their extension. Instead, calls on do-not-disturb can route automatically to voicemail or another destination.

You may have as many inbound numbers as you want! Every phone and user is enabled to have a Direct Inbound Dial (DID) phone number. This means any incoming calls could be delivered straight to the device, bypassing all other call flow setup.

View the current activity of another user by looking at the buttons on your desk phone. The shortcut buttons can be setup with green or red lights to indicate when a coworker is on the phone.

FreshPhone can configure highly customized features based on the day of the week or time of day. The FreshPhone team will personally help you design your call flow.

You may place a caller in a temporary parking spot so anyone on your FreshPhone system can pick up the call. This can be especially helpful for organizations with large offices or physically separate locations.

This feature allows a user to pick up a call that is ringing on another phone nearby. This may also be known as call sniping or call stealing.

You may setup a ring group that will ring multiple phones simultaneously or in pattern/series.

The phones sold by FreshPhone display information about incoming calls even when you’re already on the phone!

You can page other phones regardless of physical location. Loudspeaker integration is also available!

Users can communicate via speakerphone without holding their phone or using bluetooth.

Many FreshPhone desk phones have a built-in directory of your employee extensions.

View your call history from your phone. This is helpful when trying to remember previous calls.

View detailed call reports in your online user control panel.

FreshPhone sells desk phones with HD audio, bright displays, bluetooth support, and other great features. Visit our online store to see the options!

FreshPhone is compatible with many third-party softphone applications.

FreshPhone is compatible with many mobile applications, and may recommend an app for iOS and Android devices. This can be a great way for users to stay connected on the go and hide their private cell phone numbers when making calls.

Users can add numbers they would like to ring before sending a call to voicemail. This feature is more powerful than simple call forwarding and can ring calls through to multiple extentions and phone numbers.

Allow your users to login to a User Control Panel to manage voicemail messages, voicemail greetings, voicemail settings, call detail reports, and more.

Forward voicemail messages straight to your email so you can listen to the attachment on the go.

FreshPhone will transcribe your voicemail messages so you can read them on the go.

Allow your callers to leave messages in a general voicemail box. This voicemail box is often used by a receptionist or team and greets callers with information specific to your company.

Each user can have their own voicemail box with greetings and a unique email address where they can receive voicemails. They can also check their voicemails from their phone.

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system that allows callers to dial numbers and route calls to the approriate extention, voicemail box, receptionist, etc.

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) lights blink when a new voicemail is available.

Access multiple voicemail boxes from a single desk phone or device.

FreshPhone can setup your system to email voicemail messages and transcriptions to multiple email accounts at once!

FreshPhone works with partner carriers to provide local telephone numbers across the United States.

You may password protect conference call logins so users must provide a PIN before they can enter the call.

FreshPhone can enable international calling to many countries. Additional charges apply.

Outbound Caller ID can be setup to display the company name and a specific number.

FreshPhone can block your Outbound Caller ID. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with security or privacy-related matters when anonymity is important.

FreshPhone provides a fax-to-email service as an add-on to your cloud phone service. Additional charges apply.

You may use a physical fax machine by implementing an analog telephone adapter (ATA). Additional charges apply.

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