Local Network Support


A. Philosophy

We strive for excellence of service and customer satisfaction. As Freshphone has built its platform, we’ve developed our systems so that they are vertically integrated. This means with a working network, the phones are plug-and-go. Additionally, all devices are individually provisioned and tested before being shipped out. The network configuration is the only variable outside of our control, which is why we provide free remote support to the network administrators to help diagnose and fix any barriers to phone communication. As a result, Freshphone doesn’t make on-site visits because there isn’t anything within our control that we can’t change remotely.

B. Call Path Explanation

Please see the following as an illustration of the path of an outbound call from your Freshphone system. Please note that the sequence is reversed for incoming calls.

Phone > Your Network > Phone Server > Phone Lines > Carrier of Dialed Number > Devices of Dialed Number

 Green Managed and strictly monitored by Freshphone and contracted affiliates
 Blue Managed and controlled by you (the client) with Freshphone available for consultation
 Maroon Controlled by unaffiliated companies and individuals with minimal or no available influence from Freshphone

C. On-Site Visits

We understand that circumstances may arise on your network that require on-site troubleshooting and attention. Please note that we are readily available for consultation for local network issues related to your phones, but Freshphone is not equipped to resolve local network conflicts. Freshphone offers remote support as part of your service. Freshphone cannot and does not address issues related to your local network. Freshphone is not an IT company and does not have information on your network setup or credentials to your network devices.

If you are in need of IT assistance, Freshphone may recommend an affiliated professional IT service. You may request a visit from a Freshphone approved affiliate. Visits are not guaranteed and are subject to technician availability and distance from the nearest Freshphone affiliated IT headquarters. All visits are subject to the affiliate’s normal rates.

For more information, visit our Hardware policy page.