Payment Collection

Payment Policy

Freshphone offers Auto Pay for your convenience. We recommend this option to all of our customers because it’s simple and secure. With Auto Pay enabled, you never have to worry about remembering to send another month’s payment. If you did not setup Auto Pay when you started your Freshphone service, it’s not too late! Simply contact Freshphone to inform us that you would like to begin Auto Pay.

If you prefer to pay by check, that’s okay too. Make sure to communicate your preference at the start of your Freshphone service. Our office is a digital, automated office. For this reason, if you do opt for check payment, there is a $5 processing fee each month.

Please refer to the following for the specifics of our payment policy:

Monthly Service Payment

  1. Auto Pay – For those who pay by credit (Auto Pay), Freshphone will notify you on the morning of the beginning day in your pay period that your account will be charged. The actual charge is always applied in the evening. This gives you time to ask Freshphone if you have questions about your invoice. You will receive a notification the following day that your account has been charged. The items and charge will be listed. If you have any questions about your invoice, submit a ticket or call our office at 855.796.8897.
  2. Check Payment – For those who pay by check, Freshphone send you an invoice on the first day in your pay period. You have 15 days until this invoice is due. When Freshphone receives your check, we will send a notification that payment has been received. As always, if you have any questions about your invoice, submit a ticket or call our office at 855.796.8897.

One-Off Bills

The policy for one-off bills is the same as the Monthly Service Payments. If you have Auto Pay, you will be charged the same day as Freshphone receives the equipment order. If you pay by check, you have 15 days after the invoice date to supply payment.