Service Policies


Below is a list of Freshphone’s policies developed in order to best serve our customers. These policies represent the framework by which Freshphone abides. Our company exists to serve our customers by providing the highest quality service. These policies represent our sincerest effort to give our customers the highest quality phone system possible. If you have a question or comment, we are always happy to give feedback and hear input. Just call us at 616.710.4534 or submit a ticket with your request.

Acceptable Use – A description of how the phone system is and is not intended to be used.

Call Recording – The legal and practical limitations of recording calls.

Hardware – Our policy on supporting devices used in your service.

Local Network Support – Our policy for supporting your local network.

Payment Collection – How we collect payments from our customers.

Returns – Our policy for defective hardware and returns.

Voicemail Storage – How voicemails are stored and managed.